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If you want to understand more about how OTT services work, their success in recent years and their role in creating content giants, you’ve come to the right place! Find out everything you need to know.

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What is OTT (Over The Top)?

The term OTT refers to the delivery of multimedia content over the Internet without a third party controlling the transmission. This includes audio, video, messaging and voice, with OTT particularly well known in the video and television sectors.

In short, OTT is based on a video delivery method in which anyone with an internet-connected device (such as smart TVs, computers, tablets, smartphones or gaming consoles) can access videos on the public internet. Users simply need to pay for an internet service (broadband or mobile data) and possibly an OTT subscription to watch content.

Anyone with internet access can access content anytime, anywhere. Popular OTT services include: B. YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ and HBO Max.

How does OTT work?

OTT services are pure streaming providers that only provide content on demand and in single transmission (unicast). Since they use free transmission systems and do not require special distribution channels such as IPTV.

Internet service providers have no control over the content or copyright. They simply provide the infrastructure through which OTTs deliver content directly to end-user devices. As infrastructure costs fall, OTT services are generally cheaper than IPTV.

However, flexibility and ubiquity also bring challenges. OTT needs to support a variety of networks and devices, which can impact performance. Image and sound quality may vary depending on network conditions and device as the OTT app adjusts the video file to avoid data transfer issues.

advantages of OTT services are:

  1. Variety of content: Unlike traditional pay TV, OTT services offer a wide range of content including VOD titles, linear TV channels and live streams.
  2. Affordable Price : Thanks to reduced infrastructure costs, OTT services are often more affordable.
  3. More freedom for consumers: Consumers can choose what they want to watch,

OTT has surpassed traditional television as the primary source of television and film consumption for the first time, indicating a continued growth trend. The market for OTT services is expected to continue to grow as consumers increasingly seek more flexible and diverse entertainment options

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